Services for J-REITs, Real Estate Funds and Companies

  • ○ Consulting to participate in and/or improve the results of Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Assessment, which has become increasingly required by global institutional investors.
  • ○ Providing support to establish environmental and sustainability policies (such as energy conservation, low-carbon, water saving and waste reduction) which meet global sustainability standards, e.g., GRESB and/or LEED, and support to introduce an Environmental Management System.
  • ○ Providing advices upon making a Green Lease contract.
  • ○ Providing support and investment advisory to arrange finance/funds relating green buildings and energy conservation retrofits.

Services for Government Authorities and Public Institutions

  • ○ Conducting surveys and making proposals on policies targeting energy efficient and low-carbon buildings and cities.
  • ○ Conducting market (i.e., investors and tenants) surveys on green buildings.

Services for Financial Institutions

  • ○ Providing support to develop financing schemes to promote green buildings and low-carbon area development.

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